D1.1 Report on Regional micro-credentials Status-Quo study

D1.2 National Roadmaps for micro-credentials introduction and White Papers on micro-credentials

D2.1 Roundtable "Microcredentials for Georgia and Armenia" Report

D2.2 Guidelines on Micro-Credentials

D3.1 Capacity Building Programme Report

D3.2 Localized online solutions for micro-credentialing

D4.1 Micro-credentials for better employability

D4.2 Evaluation Report

D5.1 Project Dissemination Plan

D5.2 Project website

D5.3 Conference "Microcredentialing in Higher and Vocational Education of Georgia and Armenia" Report

D5.4 Dissemination Report

D6.1 Online project management platform

D6.2 Final analytical project report