About the Project

Micro-GEAR will support structural reforms in the higher education sector of Georgia and Armenia, with the aim of introducing and facilitating the broad proliferation of micro-credentials as a tool for improving relevance, quality and flexibility of higher education. The project aligns with the European Council's Recommendation on micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability. It aims to update National Qualifications Frameworks in two countries, establish consensus on micro-credentialing principles, promote educational activities for micro-credentials, and facilitate mutual recognition.


Coordination Meetings


The management board meeting at CIMEA office
The management board meeting was held at the Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence CIMEA office for the Micro-GEAR Project.
The study visit at the European University of Rome in Italy
As part of the European Commission ERASMUS+ Programme Micro-credentials for Higher Education systems of Georgia and Armenia Micro-GEAR, an important study visit took place at the European University of Rome in Italy, aimed at defining the Status-Quo and Roadmap on Micro-credentials for South Caucasus.
Peer learning organized by ArmENIC in the framework of the Erasmus+ OCTRA 2 project
The National Information Center for Academic Recognition and Mobility of Armenia (ArmENIC) organized a peer learning for the Armenian higher education institutions (HEIs) on the topic “Online Course Catalogues and Databases for Transparency and Recognition” in the framework of the Erasmus+ OCTRA 2 project.