Workshop at Yerevan State University

We're excited to share the latest progress from the Micro-GEAR project, a collaborative effort aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of micro-credentials. On February 12, workshop took place at Yerevan State University, gathering experts and specialists from partner Armenian universities, ArmENIC, and ANQA.

At the workshop, the focus was on organizing Work Package 1.1 (D1.1.) within the project. The leader of WP1 is Yerevan State University (YSU-Armenia). Participants engaged in vibrant discussions to streamline the project's objectives and strategies, particularly regarding the analysis of micro-credentials in the region.

One of the crucial decisions made during the workshop was to initiate a comprehensive analysis of the micro-credentials situation in Armenia and Georgia. To kickstart this process, a format and questionnaire will be distributed to all project partners by the end of this month. This step is vital in gathering valuable insights and data to inform the project's direction.